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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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The Begining Of A New Life !

When I Was 16 I Found out I was pregnant, I went 5months without telling anyone besides close friends & my baby father. He wanted nothing to do with me at 1st. When everyone found out he came around. Everyone was supportive, me & my baby father tried to work on our relationship. He was cheating on me & did me so wrong during the pregnancy. After I had my baby boy I still tried to work things out with my baby father, he still did him & cheated this was going on for 2yrs & I was young and still stuck by his side. His mother & him tried to get custody of my son , he had his new girl friend fight me , he did me so wrong & I thought I loved him. Now its 2012 & I put focus on my son & I . I'm working I move into my place Feb 1st & I'm working on my ged now. I'm loving life and all my blessings . I don't depend on no one but god !!!


My story

Well my name is Diana and i was 15 years old when i got pregnant. My mom found out when i was already 2 months pregnant and she wasnt really happy about it , i mean no parent would be , but my mom never really was there for me . She would always pressure me about getting an abortion , i didnt want to because i have always said that a child is a gift from god planned or not . Also its not the bbys fault that i opend my legs with out protection at a young age . Now im soon to be 16 and going to 6 months pregnant and im very happy to be expecting a boy :) .

Diana Ramirez

The Hardest Times

Lets face it, some guys know all the right words to get you just for one thing. When you have unprotected sex, choice comes with consequence. I made that choice with my ex just before graduating high school. There I was, a pregnant graduate. My ex abandoned me as soon as we made the choice to abort. After a night out knowing I was changing back to the wild me, my ex & i changed thoughts. Sooner than I knew it, we were back together, but he was furious. I was yet furious with myself for drinking one last time. I was 6 weeks along.

Months went on, and they weren't worth going back to. I worked through the summer, tried college, and lived away from home. He slacked off in college and continued his wild ways away from home too, constantly reminding me of my last time out. Little did he know, every single night, I'd sing to the baby and pray to God it'll be okay. A healthy baby is all I wanted. "Take the father away from me, if you have to God."

After 1st semester, I flunked horribly. My ex was a partial blame, but I blamed myself for sticking up with it. Two months later, our daughter was born. She was so beautiful and perfectly healthy! I thank God tremendously. The first two months were amazing. He was a dad, I was a mom. Yet, it wasn't long till he was who he was before, an alcoholic. Two months passed, and with a two month old daughter who deserved the world, I finally let him go.

Two years later, my daughter is blessed and striving. I've raised her in my parents home till she was 1, moved out, and just finished a 1st semester of college with a 4.0. I no longer use alcohol since we moved out, and am able to pay the bills and support her precious life. I've also become a christian, and have yet to strive in my newfound life.

My ex is still an alcoholic, still lives at home, and still works at the local grocery store. This was him two years ago.

All in all, my ex is not horrible. Despite his choices, he is still there for our daughter. We remain friends, but he expects with benefits. I've refrained from making that choice ever again, for along with my daughter's life, I know I deserve better too. I just wish he knows what's been missed, and that he should quit thinking there's a chance for us. He's still in the same spot where he left me, a spot I will never cease to exist for him to have again.

Ladies, save yourself the hard times. I set a trail upon myself to last my whole lifetime. These have been the hardest times I thought to never know. Now you know...


17 and pregnant by a guy who fooled me.

Hello my name is Khloe. My story begins with me dating a guy named Chayce. Chayce and I began dating my junior year of high school, i was 16 and he was 20. He was the first boyfriend i had ever had, we dated on and off for 8 months. Mostly on and I really never loved anyone like I did with him, well around 8 months of dating we decided to call it quits due to aruging problems, and normally I wouldn't start trying to go on dates again etc, but I really believed we was done this time. So about two weeks after we broke up I met his guy named Phillip who happened to be 21 as well and by this point I was 17 and a senior in high school. Me and Phillip went on our first date, and he was everything I wanted. We went on a couple more dates and eventually ended up having sex. And what was amazing is every other guy in the past pretty much hit it and quit it or made it a hit and run, but having sex with Phillip changed nothing between us, we still hungout, went to dinner, and spent time together. It was really nice. Well the second time we had sex the condom busted and I noticed Phillip barely spoke to me after that. Well I wasnt worried because when me and Chayce had sex he never pulled out or anything so I really didnt read too much into it UNTIL i was late for my period and having pregnancy symptomes. Well come to find out i was indeed pregnant. Phillip wanted me to get an abortion and said this was too much and he could handle it, so he said he wanted out and i said thats fine, but dont come back around. So now I'm pregnant and will be due this summer, and I really dont know what the future holds for me and my baby. My advice to anyone reading this is, please think before you made an adult choice, because even though we used protection it took one bad turn to forever change my life. I was plan on attending a university for nursing, now I will have to attend community college and work two part time jobs and find a babysitter. My life is forever changed because of one dumb decision,and I regret it most because looking back on it I only slept with Phillip to get over Chayce, and now Chayce wants nothing to do with me forever, but time to focus on me and my wonderful child. Just THINK before your actions think for you.


Teen mom

Well I was 16 when I met my bf. He was 2 years younger than me but it didnt matter. We spent alot of time together and 2 months into our relationship we started have sex. We were sexually active for about a year n we werent using protection, wen I turned 18 I decided to move outta my moms house n in wit my bf n his family. Alittle after that we found out I was pregnant. My bf was very supportive but unfortunatley we both didnt have jobs. We suffered alot, money was always really tight we wud have to ask ppl to let us borrow money to eat. Soon my beautiful daughter jasmine was born, n we were still struggling I got a pt job n my bf was finishing up his last year of hs, even though so many bad things were going on me n my bf were so happy together n supportive of eachother wen one of us was down or crying we would pik eachother up.Dats y it got really hard wen my bf got locked up n den was put on house arrest, cuz I felt like I was doing it on my own witout my best friend there to pik me up. Now things are much better,jasmines a beautiful,funny,happy 3 1/2 year old, n we both are wrking now. we got our own place n were expecting a bby boy by march, even with all the struggles we went through I wouldnt have it n e other way, it made me the person I am today n im honestly very happy wit my life!!!!<3


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