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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Making it through

I got pregnant when i was 16 by my late boyfriend (Key) Keyshaun Bolden. We had been best friends since the time we were kids. He was 2 years older than me. He was at 1st like a brother to me because he was close to all of my brothers and he played the roles they did. Keeping me out of trouble and all when i was 10 he told me he like me and i like him too and ever since then we had been together on and off but never for too long. I lost my virginity to him when i was 13 thats when he told me he loved me and i did feel the same. We got older and our relationship and feelings got serious. I knew he was the 1 and nobody could tell me different. We had sex alot and we talked about kids but we always planned that for the future. Around mid august i started feeling sicker than normal i did tell him but he told me everybody catches the flu at that time-_- smh. So i had missed my period and i knew some wasnt right so i told my sister and she took me to the doctor and it turned out that i was 12 weeks pregnant i was shocked and my sister was disappointed in me. My mom had been a single mother and she had alot of us and she didnt want any of us to have to raise a child on our own. So i did keep it from Key until we were laying down together and he told me that my stomach wasnt the same and it felt like it was throbbing. So i told him i was pregnant and i promise on everything he started crying so i did too and after a lil while he told me how excited he was. I didnt even know what i was having yet but the next day we went shopping for baby stuff. We found out when i was 4 months that i was having a boy and he was so excited. Even when we were in school he would wirte passes to come to my classes and check on me during lunch he made sure i ate til i was full until i was 7 months he used to carry me to his car after school. He did alot for me. We eventually moved in together because my mom had kicked me out. Things were good. When he was at work i would miss him if i was in the bathroom too long he would come and check on me. My water broke in the middle of 1 of my Health science class. I was feeling some pain and i had gotten up to go to the back of the classroom and my waterbroke(Thank god my teacher was an actual nurse) he happened to walk right in after she sat me down and told him what was going on he got excited but he was scared i was a little scared because my water had broken early. I was escorted out by the paramedics in the middle of classroom transitions it was a lil embarassing he rode with me to the hospital and held my hand and everything when i got there my sister had been waiting there and after 5 hours of laying in pain i started crying and i felt like i couldnt give birth to this child anymore i was in so much pain but he wouldnt let me give up he showered me with his love his parents got to the hospital and a lil while later i started pushing he never let my hand go even through cutting the umbilical cord. I gave my birth to my wonderful baby boy James Queyshaun Bolden In march he Looked just like his handsome daddy when we brought him home there was just so much love.i did get a little sick but after that i started going back to school and his dad went back to life in the streets.he never missed a thing of his sons life. His 1st words were actually dada he loved his dad Soo much. James turned 1 the next year and he had a party fit for a king a couple months later we found out i was pregnant again Key was excited because this 1 was gonna be a girl. When i was 5 months pregnant we got in a fight over him being out all the time and he left a couple hours later my brothers rushed over to my house and took me to the hospital, Key had been shot. I cried i didnt know what else to do he took 2 to the chest and 1 to the head he was conscious when i saw him and he kissed and rubbed on my stomach talking about daddy still here we kissed and made up and i never left his side. A couple days later he passed. I was left with a 1 year old and i was 5 months pregnant and only 17. I cried everyday. At his funeral when they went to lower the casket i jumped up and grabbed it i did hit my belly and everyone was worried but i didnt wanna let go. I eventually was taken back to the limo and to the hospital but i was fine and so was the baby. James cried dada every night i couldnt sleep. He missed his dad he got to asking me for his dad everyday and all i could do was cry. I had a dream about the day i gave birth to james and i woke up crying screaming his name. Later in that day while i was visiting my sister my water broke. And in the hospital i cried through it all it hurt not having him by my side to hold my hand and it hurt to think that she would never meet the man that helped get her here. When they put her in my arms i was a lil happy but i still couldnt stop the tears from shedding. Keyshar'ia Key Key Bolden was born. When i took her home a few days later my sister had to stay with me cause i was a little unstable. But i eventually got better and went on living my life. Im now 21 and getting ready to graduate college. Im still a single mom. James is 4 and Key Key is almost 3. Im raising them on my own and im doing a great job at it! Theres not a person who can tell me anything about it either. Losing Key did make me a stronger woman. James still asks about his dad but all i can ever tell him is that hes in a better place. I have a steady job i live in my own place and not a day in my life has either of my children had to stay in a daycare my sister and all my brothers have all been overly supportive and helped me in soooo many ways. No im not looking for a man to come into me and my kids lives and play daddy because its out of my charcter to want such a thing. I would like to settle down with a guy who accepts me having kids. Advice i have for single moms is just to keep pushing forward cause if we dont do it nobody will being a single mom is hard and it never really gets easy but its rewarding knowing that you did it all on your own without a dime froma guy. Also never give up no matter how hard things may get its never worth losing your kids or messing up there happiness cause i know the sound of my kids laughter is music to my ears.

China francois

My pregnancy

My name is China i am now 19 soon to be 20. When i was 16 i was with my bf at that time Tay he was 17 and we had been together for a while and we had sex all the time. My birth mom was attempting to become a part of my life at that point in time since she had given me away at birth and put me through hell for most of my life. And i guess she felt bad so i basically did whatever i wanted and she didnt stop me. I stayed at his house he stayed at mines all the time and we were always having sex. I found out i was pregnant when i was staying at my sisters house and i was a lil sick(morning sickness) and she'd invited my brothers over. It was the 6 of us and 1 of my brothers Pooky flat out said if you're pregnant were tearing you up and he pulled out a box of tests and told me to go. They all came out positive. My sister ctarted crying and i was just shocked. So she took me to the doctors and i found out i was 7 weeks we told both my moms and my grandma alot of tears were shed but eventually things were ok. They were all very supportive. I did keep it from my boyfriend i didnt know how he would react so 1 day while we were arguing i was 11 weeks at the time i told him i was pregnant. He was actually really excited he suspected it. My pregnancy had been long and hard i was always sick and my weight was up and down but my boyfriend never left me he was my rock i was alot to handle. My water broke unexpectdely early in the middle of the night. I was in labor for 11 hours. I gave birth to our 9 pounds 11 ounces baby boy Jatravious Trevon Griffin. At the hospital i had received news that my mother had been in an accident...... She didnt make it she dies a couple days later it was hard on me but i made it through it. We moved into my grammas house and raised our son right he did get caught up in some things he was arrested and missed Tray's 1st christmas and alot more my grandma passed a short time after. I did turn to drinking and getting high but i realized that i would lose my whole life if i continued. So i slowly with the help of my brothers and my sister got myself together. Tay was released he got hisself together and proposed to me on Jatravious's 1st birthday of course i said yes. A couple months later i found out i was pregnant again but doctors kept telling me she wouldnt make it through a full term. I gave birth to my precious angel Amai'ya Charnice Griffin 8 pounds 7 ounces a short time later. Shes her dads everything. He loves her so much. I have 2 kids now with him 1 is 3 and the other is 14 months. There both so precious. I never dropped out of school through this. I graduated at 17 as 1 of the 3 Valedictorians of my class. I attended Tech school while in high school so even before i graduated i was already an RN. I am successfully working on buildng my own business in hair. I am currently a nurse in my cousins private practice. My hubby Tay is a successful businessman working Taking his dads auto company into his own hands. The wedding is in 6 months. Until then were not having anymore kids cause im ready to do it the right way. I guess the moral of the story would be just because your young and having kids doesnt mean you wont be able to make anything fo your future.

China Chery

Always in my heart.

My name is Jenny and I'm 17. 2012 has been a difficult year for both me and my boyfriend. I met him in Dec 2011 but we didn't start our relationship until March this year. Not long after our relationship began, my boyfriend attempted to commit suicide, to which I found him in a field. After that my boyfriend moved in with me and my family so I could look after him. At thestart of December just after my boyfriend moved out my uncle passed away. This was a massive shock to my family and broke my heart. He was burried on the Wednesday, and on the Friday night I discovered I was pregnant. This wasn't really a surprise to be as I had been suffering from morning sickness for over a month but always passed it off as something else, but when my peroid was late I decied to take a test. After finding out I was pregnant on the Friday night, I started bleeding really heavily later at 3am. I went to the doctors the next day where she confirmed that I had lost our baby. Both my and my boyfriend were broken hearted. After such a terrible year, the death of out baby made everything worse but now we are both just looking forward to our future togeter. Both of us plan on finishing school and going to college together then starting our family. Our little baby just wasn't meant to be but they will always be in my heart.

Love you always, mummys little angel


Its hard but you can do it <3

My bf and i were togeather for a year. Im 17 and he is 20. I never thought i would get pregnant i play basketball and planned on going to college. I found out i was pregant in may. Telling my mom was a hard thing to do but she eventually got warmed up to the fact she was going to be a grandma. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and having a girl on valentines day. The father stayed with me of course but then i ended it recently breaking up with him because he choose to do drugs and now he is in jail for violating probation. I know that breaking up with him was the right thing to do because i dont want the drugs around my daughter. He can come see her and stuff whenever he would like but i doubt it will happen because he wants his drugs more. I manage to get up go to school take care of getting my college stuff around and have had to get all the baby clothes and stuff. Its hard work but belieave me you dont need a man. Women are just as strong as men so dont give up on faith for all you single moms just keep in mind what matters at the end and thats your child <3


single mom with a older baby daddy

hey girls my name is ash!i was 18 when i had sex with a 32 old guy.he put all kinds of shit in my head and said hed take care of me cause my family was being mean to me(or at least i thought so).welll soon after we broke up.i moved in with my x bf and we had sex!but a month or so later we broke upso i just moved back home with a family.then a month or so later i startd talkin to my other ex and we had sex!well as all way we broke up...then i went off to work and ride horses and i did that a month and found out i was preggo!so i calle dthe last guy i slept with and told him and he came and got me and we were going to have a bay!then we make out first dr app in augest of and i find out im 20 weeks!so of corse it could be the guy im with my luck i have two ba y daddys!so i tell both and when i have my son on dec 27 at 10:09 pm.wieghing 7 pounds 10 ouces 21 inches.he l;ooks just like that 32 year old i had sex with!and i put a pic in fb and he calls and tells me he loooks just like him and i said i know stupid!lol....well my son is all most a years old and still neither one of them has taken a dna nor do the want to cause there both dead beats dads!but im still o0n the 32 years butt on goin with me to do a dna!but the moral to my story is not to have sex and for sure dont have sex with mutiple paertern cause you get prego or get a std.and iv had a baby and im wait in std test to come back!so girls plese listen to my story and dont have sex and if you do use condum or birthcontrol!caues i struggle every day to take care of my son!and its so hard and i cry just about everyday cause of the shit i do and how it affects my son....,just listen to me girls plzzzz!!!!

ashley fleming

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