Pregnancy Loss

Dealing with a miscarriage can be devastating. While many may pass off a miscarriage as a pregnancy that "just wasn't meant to be", these words rarely help to relieve your grief. Although a miscarriage can be an isolating experience, it doesn't have to be. Women who are or who have previously dealt with a miscarriage are often a great resource to those currently suffering from a pregnancy loss. Share your words with us and share your support with other women.

It is best to avoid using stimulants during pregnancy. Amphetamines and dextroamphetamines are powerful drugs and when taken during pregnancy, they can cause miscarriage, early labor or birth defects. You may want to ask other women if they have had personal experience with this.

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angle baby..miscariage

i got pregnant when i was morning i woke up and i was just not feeling me..i was vomiting and very weak.. so i went to the doctore took a pregnancy test and it was positive..i was pregnant. i was about 9 weeks..

i was going thru a lot of stress in my life.. i was happy but very scared i just didn't know what to look twords.. all i wanted to be was a good mom to my child..but i was scared and i just didnt know what to do.. i was having problems with bleeding..i went to the doctore and had altra sound after altra sound..

me and my mom saw my babys heart beat and it was so amazing.. i was due may 1st of 2007.. i was really exited.. so one day i was bleeding really bad. went thru a lot of blood clots and they said it would be normal and everything would pass.. well sure enough i went in to have a appointment and i was about 4 months a long by that time and the doctore said are you sure you saw the heartbeat..i said um yes they sayid..well there is no baby..

the last really bad cramps and was the baby and i didnt evern know! it was so hard for me it really has made me stronger tho i guess, i want to be a mommy so bad and have my own child! i just don't want that to happen to me again! i wouldn't know what to do! that was like a horrible thing in my life that if i didnt have my close ones around me i would have hit rock bottom!




I am only 19 years old but married for one year already! We have been ttc since we got married. When it seemed like nothing would ever happen I at last found out that I am pregnant! Oh the joy of seeing those two lines!!! I tested on a saturday and went to see a doctor to confirm it on the monday, the doctor had a feeling about my pregnancy and sent me to a ultrasound immediately. As I was lying on the bed on the u/s my heart was beating in hope to see just anything that would tell them that my baby is fine!

Well, it wasnt! I went back to the doctor, my u/s in hand and was told that I have an ectopic pregnancy that would have to be removed immediately. I hadnt even had the time to be excited about my pregnancy.

I feel heartbroken and now they tell me that I have to wait before I start trying again, but no one ever tells me how long I have to wait!


why won't people let you grieve?

i lost my baby a few weeks ago in january 2008.

i was completly devasated, to make matters worse all people could say is " it happens" and " you can try again" and " get over it!
how cruel can people be!

the day after losing my baby i could not face getting out of bed and my partner told me to stop crying and move on!

it's much harder for a women to just move on!
i felt guilty every time i smiled cos my baby had to die!

the pain never goes away but im told it gets easier!

no one every really understands the pain until they have gone through it themselves.

my advice is take as long as you need to grieve and ignore the hurtful comments insensitive people make!

wish you all luck!

good bye to my baby i hope ur waiting for me some where
mummy x



My husband and I got married on June 23rd, 2007 after dating for almost one and a half years. It was such a wonderful wedding that people were telling us that that was the most wonderful wedding they have ever been to. It was a day full of love, pure joy and hope.

He is truly a wonderful man who made the women in the crowd burst in tears when he read me his vows. It was passionate and so true.
In it, he said:

"Janette, who will hereafter be known as “Sweetie” or “Baby”, I realized rather quickly that there are many, many things I could swear to you in my wedding vows. Everything from just taking out the trash on a regular basis, to standing beside you for richer or poorer, in sickness or in health. But when I sat down and really looked at the list I’d made for myself, I realized that all of these sentiments were just variations on two fundamental promises related to the very definition of what a vow is.

The first is related to the fact a vow is not just a promise, it’s an expression of a genuine, heartfelt belief. It’s the belief that is important, because a vow is only as strong as the belief that drives it. You can tear this universe apart, and you won’t find a single molecule of honor, duty, hope, tenderness, friendship, family … or love. Some things in this world only exist because we chose to believe in them.

I believe in all of those things, sweetie, I promise you that. I believe in the woman standing before me, in her strength and her kindness, and I can’t truly express how proud I am to be up here with you. And I swear to you, I believe in the future we’re only just starting here today, and that I couldn’t find anyone better suited to be the mother of my children someday..."

That 'someday' would have been on August 9th this year.

For months after we got married, I have been teasing him about his promise to give me a baby, even joked about asking someone else if he wasn't up to it.

After five months, he finally said 'it was time' and that he was ready to start. I got pregnant less than a month after.

Everyone was so happy. My mother-in-law who really likes babies burst into tears about the news. My mother was so excited because that was going to be her first grandchild. Everyone was wondering how my baby would look like.

I had all my hopes and dreams built around my precious little baby--I would stop working and stay at home with her. She was going to have a brother/sister right away so she would have a playmate. We were going to sell the condo and buy a house. We were going to sell our first car and buy a van for her. We would make lots of crafts together. I was going to read her stories every night before she goes to bed. I would teach her how to sing (if she likes). She was going to be a kind and loving little person.

But on January 23rd, exactly 7 months after our wedding day, we lost our little Faith. I didn't even get to see her nor hear her heartbeat. That was probably her way of making things easier for me. Could it be that she was protecting me against the pain of it all? Could it be that she was really meant to be an angel?

The physical pain I went through during the miscarriage was nothing, compared to the pain I go through when I wake up each day and realize that Faith isn't here anymore. And that she will never be.

Perhaps someday, I'd get to see her-- my little cherubim. Perhaps someday, we will try again for her little brother/sister.

Perhaps someday...


Not once, but twice

This is my second stillborn daughter. In between the two i have had a healthy 2 year old daughter. My two daughters were born with a very rare condition called pena-shokeir. With this disease, they begin to lose function in their limbs and they become disfigured. According to literature, that i have found babies begin the pregnancy out fine and eventually they become constricted and no longer are able to swallow, move their legs and arms, and eventually make to much amniotic fluid.

(7/7/01)My first daughter,Kiaya Lauren, was born at 27 weeks and she was perfect. Her arms and legs were not formed correctly because of the condition. I was only sixteen at the time, me and my doctors did not know their were any problems until i went into labor on morning and they could not do anything to save her.

We spoke to a genetic conselor and they told us that with every pregnancy, we had a 25% chance that it would happen again. The chromosone defect is shared between me and my husband (the father of all 3 children).

(9/25/05) Second pregnancy was unexpected, but embraced. She was born with no problems and she even looks just like her sisters. My most recent(1/20/08) pregnancy started out normal but watch very closely. Around 20 weeks we went in for my first ultrasound and given the bad news that i looked like it had reoccured again. We were given the opinion to terminated and we decided against. Just in case the doctors were wrong i would give my daughter a fighing chance.

I noticed early on she never moved as much as my living daughter but every pregnancy is different, so i thought everything was going normal. My doctors never told me otherwise, so we prayed and prayed that everything would be ok and we would have another baby girl.

GOD had other plans on January 20th she was born at 11:25 pm by emergency c-section. The doctors did try to save her but she was already gone. After the shock i wasnt sure if i wanted to take this chance again, but we came to a decision that we both wanted a family, so we would go with IVF from now on to decrease our chances of reoccurence. I can now say that i have two beautiful angel looking over our family.
One day i will see those angels again.
They are my strength, and reason for living, MY THREE BEAUTIFUL ANGELS!!!


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