Pregnancy Loss

Dealing with a miscarriage can be devastating. While many may pass off a miscarriage as a pregnancy that "just wasn't meant to be", these words rarely help to relieve your grief. Although a miscarriage can be an isolating experience, it doesn't have to be. Women who are or who have previously dealt with a miscarriage are often a great resource to those currently suffering from a pregnancy loss. Share your words with us and share your support with other women.

It is best to avoid using stimulants during pregnancy. Amphetamines and dextroamphetamines are powerful drugs and when taken during pregnancy, they can cause miscarriage, early labor or birth defects. You may want to ask other women if they have had personal experience with this.

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Blessings do happen

I am a 27 year old married woman...2yrs ago I conceived my first child on my honeymoon night!!!! I found out I was pregnant in June 05...the dr said I was 10 1/2 wks prego!!!! I told everyone...that was my 1st time EVER getting husband was happy...

I went for a sonogram June 28 05.and the dr could not find a HB.... and I was only 7wks...I was in shock! Why me!!! I had to have a DC 2 days later...I was depressed and cried all the time for about a month. Well after that I started to take the fertility pill CLOMID for about 6 months...but yet nothing...I was devastated! I hated women with babies or who were pregnant! I was getting too angry so I stopped taking Clomid...

However in June 07 I haven't had my period for 2 1/2 months...I went to Kroger痴 and I bought a home pregnancy test.... I took it in Kroger痴 bathroom...and it came out positive!!!!!!! I start thanking God I was so husband and our entire family have been keeping us in prayer...Although I am only 10wks! However I am nervous and do not want to go through another miscarriage.... I am a believer in Christ Jesus and I believe I will have a healthy baby!!! Thank you Lord!

When praises goes up...blessings must come down...


Michael and Scotty

My husband and I had been trying for two years to get pregnant. We had gone through infertility testing as well as some treatment. We are both in our early 30's, so everyone just kept telling us that it would happen. We just needed to be patient. Of course, all these people had children of their own.

Then in February of 2007 I was four days late. This wasn't much because I had been up to seven days late in the past two years. But, I took a pregnancy test because I just couldn't stand it. The test was positive! We were so excited, but we didn't tell a soul. We wanted to have it confirmed by our doctor. That afternoon I had a blood test done and it was positive. We still didn't tell anyone because we were so nervous. It was all we wanted and now here it was. I was so scared it would be taken from us.

At our 10 week ultrasound, the doctor confirmed we were pregnant, but it was TWINS!!! We couldn't believe it. Even better. They both had strong heart beats, and were healthy. We could finally share our news. We waited until we were all together with my family, which happened to be my grandmother's 90th birthday (she is a twin, although her sister has already passed on). We told everyone then. My grandma was so happy! Everyone was so excited for us.

We continued to see the doctor and all was well, until May. I went for my normal check up on the 3rd and all was well. My husband and I got photos of our babies and went home. Then things just went downhill. Nothing major. I started having pulling and pain across my abdomen. Just a few times a day. I thought it was constipation at first. So, I took some medications and went to sleep. The next day it was lessened, but still there. Finally on the third day, I couldn't sleep and it was really bothering me so I went to the ER. They looked at me and said it was cramping, not contractions. They heard the heartbeats of both babies at 6:30, so I called my husband and told him I was okay.

The doctor showed up at 8:00 and performed an ultrasound. He shut off the machine and told us that neither baby had a heartbeat at that point and that I was in full blown labor. Within minutes I silently delivered two beautiful baby boys. MIchael Rhys (3.6 ounces and 7 inches long) and Scott Conaway (4.7 ounces and 7.25 inches long). They were much too small to have survived. We still don't know what went wrong, but I grieve every day for my boys. I don't know how anyone ever gets past this pain.


Blessings Do Happen

I am 27 years-old, and I am 10 weeks pregnant (2nd). During the first pregnancy which was 2 years ago, I had a miscarriage. The doctor ran tests to see why I had miscarried and the tests came back good. The miscarriage happened "just because." I was 7 weeks. I was sad and got depressed whnever I saw a pregnant woman. I started taking Clomid. Each month when the test came back negative, I would be devastated, so I stopped trying.

But just when I wasn't thinking about getting pregnant or was focusing on it, I became pregnant. I am so happy and blessed and I thank my Lord every day for my pregnancy. Although I feel a little sick, I am happy to have the chance to go through it. So if you are a believer in Christ, then you should know all things are possible through him. I am aniticipating the arrival of my first blessed!!!



This was my second pregnancy after twelve years. I found out I was pregnant, and the next day I started bleeding. On the second day of bleeding, I went into the emergency room where they performed an ultrasound and saw a heartbeat and everything was fine. Five days later, I passed a huge clot, and it was my baby and nearly eight weeks.

I didn't think I would take it so have a life pass through you like that. My first was so easy, no complications. I am almost afraid to try again.


My Little Angel

I posted my story about three weeks after we lost our little girl. It was a stillbirth at 37 1/2 weeks, due to diabetes. At that time, I was a grieving, heartbroken mother who didn't want to wake up and face one more day without my little angel. I guess God had other plans, because it's been 13 weeks and 6 days and I'm here breathing and loving her still today. I miss her so much but I wanted to give hope to many of you as so many of you gave me hope when I thought I didn't have any left. I still miss her and there are days when I wake up and cry knowing I'll not see her until one day I meet our maker. Most days are bearable now though. The pain does ease, and every thought is not consumed with "what if's" and "would've, should've, could've."

I think I'm finally accepting God's plan for us. Not that it helps, but this world is getting so evil these days that I am almost glad she's not here in it. Our children probably look down from heaven, their little wings batting like humming birds, thinking "what are they all so sad for?" Our little angels know no fear, no hurt, no tears, no lies, no broken promises and no hate. Our angels are in a perfect place and will be waiting for us to join them. We can only live a good enough life to do so one day. I'm enclosing a poem that my husband and I wrote to her on the night before we laid her to rest. It was read at her funeral to ease our family and friends' hearts and I hope it brings peace to at least one of you today. God bless you all, and you're in our prayers every day and night.

Our Precious Little Girl

You値l never see a sunset turn day into night.
You値l never smell sweet lilacs in Spring when the breeze is right.
You値l never have the pleasure of tossing a baseball in the air,
Or running through wet grass, barefoot, with your loving brothers there.
You値l never experience a first step, coo or smile.
You値l never have your Daddy walk you down the isle.
You値l never wear pigtails in your soft baby hair.
You値l never laugh with Meme so hard you couldn稚 even care.
You値l never turn a wrench with Papaw on a hot Summer痴 day.
You値l never learn from Nana how to walk in God痴 gracious way.
You値l never play with Poppy and hide toys in his pocket.
You値l never carry pictures of your own children in a locket.
You値l never play with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Friends.
You値l never have a family spat and need to make amends.
Of all of the things you値l never do, think or say,
These next are the ones that hurt the most as we let you rest today.
You値l never know the warmth of wrapping up in your Daddy痴 arms.
You値l never know Moses humor or Brian痴 silly charm.
You値l never hear Mommy痴 lullabies or fill our love痴 embrace
But we致e found strength in the next 添ou値l Nevers as we lay you in this place.
You値l never know pain or sorrow or even shed a tear.
You値l never have a worry and you値l never need to fear.
You値l never have impurities or reasons for self doubt.
You値l never have to find a way to try and work things out.
So as we say so long for now, Love, we just want you to know
You値l never leave our hearts, Addy Girl, in Summer, Spring or snow.
We値l all see you soon, Little One at Heaven痴 Pearly Gates.
So go on, run to Jesus baby, a precious new world awaits.

Written by Mommy and Daddy March 15, 2007


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